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What We Do

Village Teaching and Outreach

HGA works with a number of partner organizations that partner with small community based organizations to provide counselling, health care and education for rural people and other vulnerable children. Some of these placements focus exclusively on teaching primary lessons and extra-curricular activities. Other placements include training and service outreach components.​​


Activities with Children

Volunteers work with orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) in accomplishing daily activities involving: teaching basic English, math, science, physical education and financial literacy. Volunteers assist with homework, participate in playtime activities and teach new languages such as, French, German and Italian. The largest contribution a volunteer can give is providing care, love and attention to the children. By developing stimulating new ideas that interest the children, volunteers can engage on a level that makes OVC feel loved and cared for just as their parents would have done. 

Medical Support

In Jinja, most especially in the rural areas, people have a difficult time affording medical expenses. People of rural populations may end up using traditional remedies, which at times, may fail to work. For this reason, HGA introduced a program that provides medical treatment to people within the rural communities of Jinja. Through this program, we carry out dental treatments, blood check-ups and blood donations.

School Programs

In this program our volunteers work in schools, holding counselling sessions, offering encouraging words, and uplifting the talents and life skill of the women and children we serve. In doing so we believe that we shall bring up a new generation which will change Africa.

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Through this program volunteers train the youth in the areas of computer literacy, carpentry, mechanics and entrepreneurship skills. Our aim is reducing a poverty line within Africa by encouraging the youth to engage in activities that bring about love, joy and peace such as sports, dance music and entertainment.

Women Empowerment

Under women empowerment we carry out training's in entrepreneurship skills and life self-sustaining skills, in this woman are trained according to their interests, some get training's in entrepreneurship skills, sowing skills, art and craft. We believe that through these programs the vulnerable women will be able to take care of their families.

Public Health Improvement

Are you a confident speaker? Can you communicate important information in creative ways? Do you want to learn about the reality of public health for the poor in Uganda? Through the Public Health Improvement Project, volunteers work alongside local counselors and health care professionals, in a variety of programs designed to help Ugandans stay healthy and make good decisions about their health care.

Volunteers talk to people in village meetings, private homes, and churches. They design seminars based on subjects that can include household hygiene, malaria prevention, safe sex, HIV prevention and AIDS care, substance abuse and domestic violence. Volunteers can also work in clinics and maternity branches of hospitals, speaking directly to women and girls about safe sex, family planning, maternal and nutrition. Basic training and educational materials are on site. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring new materials. 

Poverty Alleviation Activities for Sustainable Development

This program is concerned with teaching communities about the causes of poverty, in addition to equipping them with strategies to overcome states of poverty. These strategies focus on the areas of agriculture productivity, saving schemes, and the entrepreneurial mindset. 

The main purpose of this project is to improve the lives and income of the needy, especially the widow and OVC populations. Through this project, HGA and its volunteers help OVC  find homes where they can receive love and care. Every child deserves a home.

The OVC who benefit from this project are between the ages of 2-15 years old. The widows who benefit from this project are always over the age of 18. 


The volunteers that we work with are between 11 to 75 years of age. We encourage parents to volunteer with their children, so their children can learn about the struggle of others and feel empowered to give of themselves to help bring improvements to the lives of the suffering.

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