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Volunteer Testimonials 


I am 30 years old, currently living in Australia although originally from England (UK). I have been working as a social worker for six years now within different international settings and across a diverse range of client groups. I moved to Australia in 2011 to work with the indigenous children and families over here going through the child protection system. My support is tailored around supporting the children to be reunified back with the parents or to prevent family breakdown. I really enjoy working with different cultures and learning from the people and environment that I immerse myself in. I had the privilege of working at E-Shadai foster home in 2009. I spent my time with the young people, as well as the community of women participated in the ‘women empowerment’ program. I offered support and guidance, while also learning about the women’s lives and interests. The love and support I received throughout my time there was a blessing and the experience I gained was invaluable. I learned so much from the faith and wisdom of the children and community and the strength they showed to overcome any hardship they were facing. My learning was brought forward into both my personal and professional lives. I hope to offer my support and continue to be involved in the great work of Hands of Grace Africa. The work they are currently doing and their hopes for the future will bring great blessings to the lives of many


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My name is Dominique. I am an educational administrator from Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the U.S. I have been working in the higher education administration field for ten years. I just completed my second graduate degree this past summer. After years of graduate-level study, I needed a break. I thought to myself: what better way to take a break than to volunteer abroad and help those in need. I discovered Hands of Grace Africa through Volunteering with Hands of Grace Africa was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. While serving in Jinja, Uganda, I was able to work with widows, focusing on the areas of entrepreneurship, self-esteem, parenting and English reading and writing. I learned about the issues of poverty in Jinja. I was fortunate to work closely with Hands of Grace Africa staff members, George and Precious, who helped me learn the local language (Lusoga), cultural norms and traditions. I truly felt like a part of the Hands of Grace Africa family as I embraced the Ugandan way. As I continue my doctoral work, I have hopes of supporting Hands of Grace Africa through fundraising efforts and volunteer recruitment. 


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