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Hands of Grace Africa

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Hands of Grace Africa is registered as a non-profit, community based organization. It was formed by the vision of Kulaba Geoffrey and later joined by Mukisa Ronald. Hands of Grace Africa works with orphans, street children and widows, within three districts: Jinja, Bugiri and Kamuli. Hands of Grace Africa started in Jinja District and later extended to Bugiri then later to Kamuli. The Hands of Grace Africa main offices are located in a semi urban area in Jinja District.


Hands of Grace Africa was started due to the need to save lives of the children and the widows. Issues stemming from poverty and lost hope are negatively impacting the lives of many women and children. The negative effects of poverty are growing among women and children, two particularly vulnerable groups, each and every day. 

We believe that children and widows need to be given priority and focus. Through sponsorship, we are able to take children back to school and provide them with a home where they can have peace and joy to live healthy and happy lives. Hands of Grace Africa serves women and children through the work of many projects. These projects are designed to help women and children achieve and sustain high quality lives.



Hands of Grace Africa aims to change the many lives of the under-served orphans and widows to happier lives. 



Hands of Grace Africa will create better lives for the orphans and widows through volunteer-led strategic programming.

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